CO2 welding wire

Puna žica za varenje u Co2 gasu

CO2 welding wire

Type: ER70S-6 GB ER50-6 DIN SG2
Diameter : 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm

The most commom type of welding wire for steel is ER70S-6 which is suitable for welding of dirthy and rusty steels. Because od use of CO2 this type of welding is most common by name MAG (Metal Active Gas).

Abbreviation MAG commes from English word Metal active gas (welding of metal in active gas, pure CO2 gas or mixture of Ar and CO2 or in mix. of Ar and 02).

Increased use of microelectronic and digital technology led this process of MIG/MAG welding step further in last several years. In Europe the most common type of welding is MIG/MAG with use of almost 75-80%. The highest application has solid wire.

The basic advantages of MIG/MAG welding are productivity, relatively small price of welding gas (CO2 gas is relatively cheap), lower level of training (less cheaper manpower and short time of training), relatively higher level of welding quality.

BASIC characteristics:

Solid welding wire ER70S-6 has excellent mechanical performances, like stable arc, low splashing, nice look of seam and suitable for work in all position of welding.


GB/T 8110 ER50-6
AWS A5.18 ER70S-6
BS EN 1668-W 42 3 W3Sil
ISO 636-A-W 42 3 W3Sil
ISO 636-B-W 49A 3 W6
JIS Z3316 YGT50


CO2 welding wire


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